Single Shot Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Sam Rockwell Thriller HD

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Abadez Blues
well, after seeing negative comments here, i decided not to watch this movie, thanks for helping me out. scumbag xD .. hehehe
Adrian Andrade
Seen this movie three times! And I absolutely love it!!! One of the movies I've seen in awhile. It's a must watch movie!
Alex Eslinger
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Alok N R
reminds me of the gamekeeper , gotta watch this\n
Amanda Devitt
Sam Rockwell is amazing as usual, however this film was horribly written and the artistic tone wasn't enough to help the lines or story.
Andreas Papakonstantinou
Damn that movie sucked big time...
Ann Wakeman
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Antonis Papadostefanakis
yify pls
Aron Presswood
this movie looks good. sam rockwell is great in everything he is in
Looks interesting, worth renting when the Blu-ray goes to RedBox.  If you like rural movies and Sam Rockwell, check out Box of Moonlight, his best work IMO anyhow. 
Barney A
10 years since swim strim. I walk through the empty streets trying to think of something else but my path always leads to the stream. I stare at the screen for hours and try to summon the lord. I watch other asian girls streaming but it is no good. I flame lifecoach in his channel and try to resist the nazi mods but it is all meaningless. The end is near. I then usually watch some old swim vods and cry myself to sleep.
william h macy looks like he has psoriasis
Beverly Liston
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Bobbi Colucci
I wanted to see it, but they aren't showing it here because they show stupid movies like Riddick and Insidious taste in films.
Bored Eats
sucked and yes a rip-off
Bryan A
my body is ready
Codes Bêta Du Destin
Terrible movie. Slow, and not worth watching. I don't know how people say this was an excellent movie....
Donidarkolulz Donidarkowow
the dude looks like Messi :D
Doug styles
Just watched it. It was ok. The score was pretty intense, made scenes more dramatic. 5/10
The casting is great and the argument seems good. I want to see it
Ignas Z.
only watching it for Sam Rockwell, hope it will be as good as any movie he is in, wish me luck
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No country and Fargo. Can't. Fucking. Wait.
Jeremy Sanders
The setting for the film is West Virginia (filmed in Vancouver BC). Not upstate New York like someone else said. The actors had coaching to speak the WV dialect.
Joe Thibodeaux
Why doesnt he just leave town ?
But does he dance?
Kathleen Arnett
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Sam Rockwell could play a pile of shit and it still would be an awesome performance.
so... No Country for Old Men?\n
Lucas Ashby
Sam Rockwell is sooooo underrated
Machine Gun Nest
Sams character was the bad guy of what was portrayed in the movie not the others
when's the release? tell me? I don't want to watch this trailer. I hate watching trailers!!!
McCheyne Hudson
For everyone making jokes about how this looks similar to No Country For Old Men, A Single Shot was written a decade before. Just throwing that out there.
Minu Park
No country for old men?
I don't know if I want to see this movie I don't get it. LoL
So that's what happened to Jerry Lundegaard. Oh yeah
I'm having trouble being able to pinpoint when in this movie it'd be appropriate for Sam Rockwell to dance.
Ned Hed
hated the ending and shit
Neo Chen
what kind of accent do they speak with ?  is that irish?
That was one GOOD movie. Thanks for all the bad reviews, it really helped lower my expectations. I recommend watching it.
NonFat Booger
Raavi Bhatia
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Poor production with mostly very bad scene to scene shots; where most of the scenes went almost unlighted. They can't even afford to buy one 20 watts bulb to light out some output. It also had a very weird scene of over-acting non-sense at the end when he (John) was burying a dead woman and he got so exhausted that he couldn't even got out of the grave that he himself had dug--a very ugly ending as well...
Every movie with Sam Rockwell is worth seeing. 
How is this not a total rip-off of No Country For Old Men? It looks so similar in terms of the concept of the film.
Sharon Vos
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rip-off of no country for old men?
Sock Puppet Superstar
Looks like a coen brothers film, but it's not.
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Steven Estrada
Needs Javier Bardem with a silenced shotgun.
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The Atlanta Green Diva
If you have not yet seen this movie, do yourself a BIG favor, and don't.  Slow moving, under-developed characters, terrible lighting, and a crummy ending.  
Thomas Castillo
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Varkey Parakal
What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?
Walter Tower
Jesus, this movie is really scary, the atmosphere and characters. Really dumb and simple people with weapons who could shoot you over nothing. Great movie and I am happy to be safe here in Europe. Thats a joke. I know not the entire country is like this, just a small part :)
ffffffuck you....
Weed Talk
Sam Rockwell should have an Oscar for every movie he's done...ESPECIALLY TMNT!
Will Paige
To people saying only weak people own guns or criminals that is completely false. I along with most of my friends own or have owned at least one gun. I am ex military. Far from weak how our country states as long as it is done legally we have the RIGHT to own and carry a weapon. Removing weapons will only take it away from the people who legally own them. Illegally owned guns aren't registered so how to you plan to regulate their removal if its not in any database you own the gun
Willie Dixon
A must see if you like people in the country, shooting and a mystery you can't figure out!
Younes Karim Drissi
I remember this film it was good great suspense... From start to end
a person
Sam Rockwell is awesome.
has sam rockwell EVER been in a bad movie?
Don't forget Moon and Matchstick Men!
baba rai
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This was a great movie with great direction and amazing performances...until the ending ruined the whole thing.\n\nStill worth watching.
im about to watch this movie now.. looks realy good my type of film ive seen the bloke befor this sam rockwell cant remember what films hes been in tbf :/ \n
christian martinez
Looks good.
david stanley
I thought he looked like President Jimmy Carter with psoriasis.
yawn another movie about money.
fortune mabaso
This movie is not ass good as it looks
The film takes place in upstate New York but the characters sound straight outta Alabama.
ivana uy
so..was it good?
jeremy miller
looks bad I mean if you find a lot of money wouldn't you move
They can't afford to move?
I have the book  in my hand. Copyright 1996. Not sure when No country For Old men was created. 2007?
But rated at 50%...
really? tell me...I love spoilers..
how many monsters are there in this movie :D
no i won't
A Single Shot stars three of my favorite actors. Sam Rockwell , Jason Isaacs and William H Macy , so i'm quite biased towards this film. I found it intriguing , atmospheric and highly watchable but i'm aware the critics were not so generous with their views when it was released last year but i disagree with them. \nI liked it. 7 out of 10
rodrigo suarez
It's well filmed, the actors did their parts well, but I don´t like the movie.
The German
Movies released this week are liked with YouTube an average of 90%, with a standard deviation of 13%. A Single Shot is currently liked 94%.
Superb film! Would have been even better if they had left out the tobacco drug use!
wesam sam
not bad  6 \\10