JIMMY CLIFF - The Harder They Come

"The Harder They Come" is a reggae song by the Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff. It was first recorded for the soundtrack of the movie by the same name. "The Harder They Come" has been covered by many artists and was ranked #341 on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time". The song is the entrance music for heavyweight boxer Samuel Peter and was played live by Jimmy Cliff on an episode of The Colbert Report.

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Mark Gilbert
Bobby Charlton
Richard Eaton
Mr make the earth say f*** it smile
Sylvia Lane
Power To The People!
Trip Lucid
This brilliantly expressed, amazing song has been a guiding light through tough times, and an inspiration for me. image will be a theme song haha because I'm facing injustice, oppression, evil, abuse and manipulation from places in my life that threaten my very life itself. It's as though God is job'ing me {like in the bible.} All the worst of inconceivably malicious, borderline evil, certainly heartless, spirit oppressing, circumstances are happening and I've recently lost my father. I'm not one to blow things out of proportion I sure you that I'm a humble person who just likes peas and it's being destroyed just in the last couple of years I've been beaten by the police and charged with a crime that I did not know up till then called \
Uaisimeni Puepuemai
Have you got the track SUNRISE by Jimmy Cliff pls...
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Souvenir soucenir
Rasta Royalty
mary murgo
I saw Jimmy Cliff in a 1973 concert with Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose and the Wailers.\n What a show!
Love this song! Great job on the video!
So do i. Great song.