Lion Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Dev Patel Movie

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Holy crap... what an amazing movie. And obviously, Dev Patel is an amazing actor. But that little kid... goddamn.... what a brilliant performance.
Just went to see Lion, it's the first time in my life where I am positive someone was cutting onions inside the theater, really strange. And they kept cutting them throughout the movie...
Alya Abdulmoety
I just watched the movie, and I have to admit, this is by far one of the best films I've ever seen. It literally got my heart broken in so many scenes. Incredible screenplay and incredible acting. Plus, my heart is in pieces knowing that many children, all around the world, go through such pain and trouble. May we all be able to help ease the pain of such children and families.
Amaya Harris
For anyone who has seen the movie and hasn’t read the book (or hasn’t done either one) I strongly suggest reading “A Long Way Home” It’s absolutely amazing.
Amrut Pattanaik
who else is here from Ronaldo's insta?
Ana hoho
Its only a trailer n im alrdy crying
André Angelic
Profound.....deeply impacted me......I got lost in the story
Aniruddha Das
Sad his brother wasn't there.
Anitha Narayanan
The glory and enrichment the islamics, british and other european countries left behind in India. From world's richest and most educated for as long as records have been kept until a 1000 year invasion began. Look at India, africa, australia, americas and other ancient civilizations where the natives still follow their culture. Karma will come back to all you abrahamics who have razed civilizations and reduced people to such abject state. The worst form of slavery is the people in these countries following the invaders' religions and creating chaos.
Ankit kumar Abhi
Such an mesmerizing acting by all the people in the movie especially the kid Saroo was just amazing. Best movie I've seen till the date.
Anne-Marein van Braak
I've seen this movie in the cinema tonight. And I'm not a sentimental person, but this movie was breaking my heart. It's sad and beautiful at the same time. Absolutely the best movie I've ever seen in my life!
My little sister made me watch this and said in a message \
Annie W
I just found out what happened to his brother Guddu. His mother said that Guddu's body was found one month after her two sons went missing that same night (his body was found on the train track). They never found out how he died, his arm was broken & one of his eyes was missing (maybe someone pushed him & he fell?). So Guddu could have died before Sorroo even woke up on the bench, that might explain why Guddu never came back to get him or Guddu was busy looking for his little brother and got hit by a train? so the mother has lost two sons that night.
No one will see this but when I watched this I didn't think it would be a big deal. When I got to the ending, where he talking about his brother and found out that he died I broke down into so many tears my head started hurting. Ive lost my family as well and my brother, I don't know him. I don't think he knows me I don't even know if he's alive but I've always wanted to meet him. I felt the pain he had when he found out that he couldn't see his brother ever again. I feel that way.
Ariana Cardenas
Best Movie! This should've won an Oscar I cried so many times what a touching film!
Ariel Joote
I don't understand how Dev was nominate for Best Supporting Actor. He's not a sidekick or anything. He's the protagonist. The main character. Of his own movie. The Oscars are messed up.
Arup Mondal Bong Boy
Good story
Dev patel was robbed of the Oscar!!!
Bella Mas
Oh boy this movie got my every emotions a hot mess!
Brianna L
Dev got hot. Just saying...
This is odd but *Cristiano Ronaldo* brought me here
Cherish Faleono
As an Australian, I am lost for words on how perfectly Dev does the accent.
Christoffer Boman
This film traumatized me. I hear Saroo's baby voice yelling for his brother \
Christopher Hitchens
The role that the little boy - Sunny Pawar played in the movie was outstanding. This movie, is without a doubt, one of the best of all time in this genre.\n\nThe sad part is that these types of tragedies happen all the time in India. Because kids are not in school, and are in the streets doing illegal and dangerous things to make money.\n\nFor example in the film those two boys (brothers) are stealing coal from trains. They jump onto a train without a ticket, then go and steal coal and place it in bags. Then they jump off the train while it is still moving. Go to a local market and sell the coal for money or food.\n\nObviously this would lead to problems and it does. One boy gets hit by a train and dies, while the younger boy gets taken away by a train to another city and becomes lost.\n\nKids should be in school! But when dirt poor and illiterate adults are having babies, this is the result.
Cindy Towers
I just finished watching it ...So beautiful .... probably cried the entire movie lol 😭Now I just wish I had a lot of money so I could help every single homeless/ lost children in the world.😔
Con 20
(SPOILER ALERT) Cried twice at this film, 😰when the little kids are singing in the orphanage, and at the end when his brothers not there 😭 but at the same time I was crying with happiness that he found his mum and sister ❤️
Dev Patel nailing that accent
CountryBall India
Thanks for letting us know the dark secrets of our India but reallly want to say without China and India you could just suck UK @@@@!!! !
David Kenyon
I am obsessed with this movie. I sobbed uncontrollably at the end and has reaffirmed my belief that Sia is one of the greatest living songwriters.
Deepak Purti
To the Indians commenting that this movie shows India in a bad light, you all know that there is poverty in India ; and you should know that this movie doesn't exaggerate it. It is the real story of Saroo Brierley and the movie shows what actually happened with him.\n To the Non-Indian people who are reading this comment, you know that a story like this could be possible in your country as well. Watching this movie or any other movie about India , you shouldn't assume that India is a place which is unsafe for children and women. The whole world is full of bad people and India is certainly not an exception. But that does not mean that all Indians are criminals. We do have many issues here but we are working hard to solve those issues. You want to see the real India? Then don't rely on movies or news channels. Come see for yourself!
Derondrick Warner
While he's remembering things from 25 years ago, I'm still trying to remember what shirt I wore yesterday.
Donna Slatter
What a lovely movie.\nThe young actor is so cute.
Durango Savage
Dev Patel has a monopoly on all the Indian roles in Hollywood
Emily B
I feel like this one of those movies you watch at home with best friends that you're okay with them seeing you cry because you will all be *bawling*.
Fasil Alakkalagath
Really emitionally movie especially in the last where its difficult control shedding of tears.
Fayyaz Ahmad
This is brilliant film. A brilliant acting of Dev Patel and little star. Really liked it. Must watch film
Free Fire Madness
It's from khandwa & I am living in Khandwa
Ghanshyam Kumar
Gurbetçı Aile Fan
Həyatımda izlədiyim ən yaxşı flimlərdən biri idi .Həmdə çox təsirlidi .
Happyguy Hater
For India \nLove the Great country \
Truth is Truth & I remember back in 2008 when I saw a poor mother with malnourished child at Mumbai Juhu Suburbs sleeping hungry on the stone chips just beside the road & people having no empathy on their conscious for them. I felt like crying by the plight of the 03 yrs old baby fighting his life with necessity & chaos. I gave them some monetary aid to pacify their hunger. We need to understand ' Human race is fighting Hunger, Shelter, Disease, illiteracy '. Instead of setting corpus for warfare arsenals we must focus on eradication of these impoverised elements in Human existence. The race to aquire assets, monetary power & exaggerated luxury must come to an end.
Ian Wahyuningtyas
Me watching this movie...\n-Start crying in a heartbreaking scene\n-Start crying everytime that little cutie Saroo is on screen\n-Start crying when i see grown up Saroo tried real heard to find his family and identity\n-Start crying again everytime they showed flashbacks of Saroo and Guddu together\n-Start crying when he found his real home\nSoooooo to sums it up, i literally cried and sobbed my way through this whole movie
India View
Hollywood are looking only slums in India they forgot, India has a largest silicon valley after their home town and without Indian Market USA will be bankrupt.
Jack R
This movie destroyed me emotionally. Absolutely phenomenal.
Jimmi Sailer
who's here because of cristiano ronaldo
I cried about 3 times during this movie. Really loved it
Kagiso Sibusiso
In my adult life I have never cried not even a single tear but I was weeping throughout this movie. very touching story, my eyes are even watery from watching this trailer.
Kristina Litvinova
well\nAnwar changed a lot....
I read the book and it really stuck with me. Especially how the Indian mother did not move home because she thought he might come back. That was very, very moving and all her words resonated with me.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Milla Petchprasert
I’am usually not a movie crier, far awaaay from that. didn’t even cry then I watched titanic but this movie. Never been so emotional
Noah Flinn
I am that kind of guy who never ever cry on any emotional scene of movies , cause i am emotionless !!!!\nBut Dude !! this 2 minutes trailer makes me cry soo hard !!!😭😭😭 j believe me guys i am still crying while writing this comment.
Imdb 8.1/10\nRotten Tomatoes 85%\nAllociné 4,5/5\n\
Onta Mi chuleta!
The kid actor at the beginning of the movie its the one that deserves the Oscar!!!
Paul Pichugin
That is, by far, the best Australian accent I've ever heard from a non-Australian. Most other actors go too far and end up sounding like a parody of an Australian. His is perfect, I had to go look him up on IMDB just to check if he wasn't actually Australian!
Paulo Denko
Honestly I cry the first time in my life and I feel I have feelings like humans coz this movie ✔✔✔✔✔✔💯💯💯💯💯💯
Peninah Muriuki
It kills me to know that such story is true....I couldn't hold my tears. Great story line. I have watched it 3 times and I can watch it again and again..soooo much love from KENYA
Rawan Almaliki
I'm crying when I say this film
This movie makes the whole Marvel franchise look so irrelevant. Great movie. Dev Patel is awesome.\nI also felt relieved to know that there are people who share the same thoughts. When I was like 18 I also started to think the same way. Why getting \
Reef Larkin
oh my god! I never heard such an amazing Australian accent be put on. So impressed :)
Rishabh Somani
Dev is getting an Oscar one day! Mark this comment!!
Rocky Poudel
I cried at the end of this movie😭
If y'all wanna read the book the movie is based on, it's:\n \
Satwinder Singh
I'm crying the whole time. This happend to me and my older brother. Also in India. We're adopted now. I live in Germany, but I remember everything that happened than. It was so scary, every night, thinking of someone who will take you to another place. We made friends with other homeless kids. Some of them are adopted, some of them are dead. This happens every day all over the world. Its so sad😢❤
Sean Grimes
This was an awesome movie. I almost didn't watch it because most of it was subtitled. I'm glad I gave the movie a chance though. Me and the wife loved it.
nailed the aussie accent
Sport Emart
One of the greatest movies, there is no argument. No weaknesses !!!
Sreekant Shenoy
Goosebumps anyone?? :D
What a movie! Cried like a kid. What an acting by That kid, dev and Nicole Kidman. Whether you are an Aussie or Indian, this movie will teach you that love is all we need. Brilliant flick.
Sufiyanismaeel Ismaeel
wow dev know film is not girls dancing.fighting in air and colour full dresses
Sunny Skye
Wow. This one actually looks to be well worth seeing. Most of the movies that are coming out lately seem to be more about shocking the audience. This one looks meaty. Lots of depth and I love a true story.
Tahmour TK
I watched this movie a few days ago & honestly it has the most emotional storyline imaginable. My eyes watered over 70% of the movie & the last 5-10 minutes.. Wow, did I cry like a baby or what!! Lol. But seriously if you haven't watched it yet don't delay, believe me it's a 10/10
Thomas Williams
I'm from Melbourne and Dev Patel's Australian accent is better than mine
Tiana Pi Tesr
I came 5 times the other night after watching Dev ☺♥☺♥
Timothée Paton
When I walked out of the theatre yesterday I was in chock after watching what is probably one of the greatest movie I’ve seen. I walked on the Normandy beach trying to get my thoughts back together. I felt like telling everyone out on the shore: ‘ Go and see LION; That film could change your life!’ Now I am even more eager to get back on the plane Thursday for Phnom Penh!
Vita Gold
Yes that's good movie very moving!\nBut message is clearly white people Europeans don't make a children, there are enough people in the world , adopt non European children ! \nBut with all respect for Indian people, the country is very rich and people certainly not backward!\nPerhaps better that Indians or Africans themselves adopt their children and make life better.\nThey must solve their own problems within their countries !!!
Vivek Chauhan
Feeling Very bad and sad When anyone judge People on behalf of their appearance and their Poverty.\nMy English is small bad but I think you all will understand
Whosshe1225 ROBLOX Hope Theatre
I was crying with joy when every time he thought of what it looked like and when he remembered the paths he walked
WiCke D
it's brilliant as little saroo
Willy Momesso
Beautiful movie. The acting of little Sunny Pawar, Saroo, has tore my heart. Dev Patel deserves all awards.
now that's how a trailer should be. watching it for this one
I am Ecuadorian and I lost my oldest brother in a bad accident like Saroo. It made my cry remembering my brother.
a.s.m khaild
What a Movie!!! What a Movie!!!!!!!!!\nOnce in a year you gotta chance to see such 01 movie....\nMade me happy :)
aman jha
Dev man bow to you.. like bro india nee you. bollywoods now a mess flims are lossing realness in them. actors are brought up , probably with talents that their rich fathers and directors can see. tha meaning ppf acting has been changed by this brats.... believe me Bollywoods needs real talent .... phenomenol people dev patel , nawazuddin siddiqi , aamir khan , sharukhkhan , salman khan.......... . anyway i watched lion. wonderful movie. cried hearts out \n#whatamovie\u003c3 #luvpatel #bollywoodneedstalent
all the actors, combined made a magnificent movie right here!! Bravo!!
dorothy vig
I want to say something for everyone to see.\nI am an Indian but I was born and raised in the United States. My father was born in India. He grew up on the third story of a run down apartment building that only had one bedroom with his two brothers, mother, and father. Like Sheru (Saroo) he had to support his family at such a young age. My dad focused on his family and school. He skipped two grades in school. He went to medical school at 16 years old and is currently an Anesthesiologist. He moved to the U.S. and had kids. He would get me and my siblings things that his family would never be to afford for him. My dad was able to make a living when he came from a one bedroom apartment. He has spent his whole life supporting his family. I am very lucky. We all are. These kind of things happen every day in these countries. What makes me really mad is that from what I see is kids here in the U.S. are saying that they want to die when their parents take away their phone. They don't realize what is actually going on in this world. This story was absolutely heartbreaking to me. And if you didn't know saroo has been saying is name wrong when he was little. It was actually sheru which means lion. \nI just wanted to send this message out.\nThank you and tell your parents and siblings you love them every time you see them❤️
ika shu
poor Guddu.\nend of tears😭😢
kramns ø
OKAY OKAY LISTEN!!!!! The trailer is like nothing compared to the actual movie. Ive never cried so hard. and the ending kicks u in the gut so many times.
mr militia
idk how or why moonlight got the oscar instead of this
ruby m.n
the greatest movie i've seen ! no lie there is no movie to compare with LION 🦁
rush wahab
always got my tears when little Saroo call Guddu..
sarang s kumar
Wen i came to knw why they named the movie LION, 😯
Way way better than Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. I mean, no contest.
shivam kumar
Thumbs up 👍 If you called your Mother right after the FILM got over :')
the saddest video ever iam still crying i was born in india i think seen people in indie like this
sxsha trxjo
5 weeks and I still can't get this story off my mind. It kills me to know things like this happen everyday and kids are homeless with no family
tiny hayward
Oh how I love this film I grew up with foster patients and sometimes feel SO lost